Eric Piza

Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice, Northeastern University

Areas of Expertise

  • Spatial analysis
  • Crime control technology
  • Evidence-based policing
  • Program evaluation

Key Findings

  • Foot-patrol is an effective crime prevention tactic for street violence, murder, shootings and non-domestic aggravated assaults. MORE
  • Police should design large-scale foot-patrol initiatives in ways that do not allow offenders to easily identify alternate crime opportunities. MORE
  • There was a significant increase in crime within the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest (CHOP) zone in Seattle, Washington, the encompassing two-block area, and the overall East precinct service area during the 24-day occupation period following the murder of George Floyd in 2020. MORE
  • CCTV is associated with a modest but significant reduction in crime. MORE
  • Police use of force often results from officers’ attempts to maintain authority over civilians during face-to-face encounters. MORE
  • Certain variables influence the use of force at a specific point in time, while others have an impact across multiple time periods. MORE


Eric Piza, Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Northeastern University, is an expert in spatial analysis of crime patterns, evidence-based policing, crime control technology, and the integration of academic research and police practice.

Piza previously served as the GIS Specialist of the Newark, New Jersey Police Department, the research director for crime analytics of the Rutgers Center on Public Security and the research program coordinator of the Police Institute. He has received several awards including three from the National Institute of Justice.

He has been published in scholarly journals including Criminology, Criminology & Public Policy,  Journal of Experimental Criminology, and the Journal of Research in Crime & Delinquency.

Piza received his Ph.D., M.A. and B.S. in criminal justice from Rutgers University.