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Application Process

Mission Statement
The National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) helps develop and implement justice systems in states,
tribal nations, and local governments that enhance public safety, prevent and reduce the harmful effects
of crime and delinquent behavior, treat and sanction justice-involved people fairly and justly, and that
are effective and efficient.

The NCJA Crime and Justice Research Alliance (CJRA) supports this mission by serving as a centralized
research resource and building a community of trusted researchers and practitioners who leverage
different expertise and experience to drive evidence-informed criminal justice policy and practice.  The
CJRA seeks to share the latest research and analysis from across the justice spectrum while developing
impactful partnerships among various subject matter experts (SMEs) throughout the country.  CJRA
currently focuses on more than 20 different policy domains with an emphasis on reducing racial and
ethnic disparities, promoting equity and community, and including justice-involved people to better
inform knowledge-driven justice solutions.

Definition of CJRA Subject Matter Expert (SME)
CJRA SMEs are expected to be able to summarize the current research or practice in a particular subject
matter and/or provide policy-related insight inclusive of impacts, implications, options, and
recommendations based upon their research, subject matter and/or policy analysis expertise. Applicants
must display a sufficient depth of knowledge based upon field of study, experience, practice, and other
substantive and creditable activities in their area of expertise. SMEs are expected to be responsive to
NCJA/CJRA outreach efforts including serving as a resource for the media or agreeing to speak at NCJA
trainings, conferences, and events.

CJRA Subject Matter Expert Directory Application Process and Criteria
To be considered for inclusion, please fill out the form below. Completed applications will be forwarded
to the NCJA Crime and Justice Research Alliance Expert Selection committee for review on a quarterly
basis. Please submit questions about the application process to Caitlin Kizielewicz, CJRA Media
Consultant, at

1. Areas of Interest



Please list any other areas of expertise that are not included in the policy areas listed above

2. Curriculum Vitae or Resume

In addition, applicants must submit a current curriculum vitae (CV) or resume with the following
details. Please note that not all criteria must be present on the CV or resume for the applicant to be

  • Years of Professional Experience in Subject Area
  • College Degree(s) in Related Subject Area: Field of study and awarding Institution(s)
  • Teaching or Research Position(s) Held (if applicable): Dates, location and expertise-related
    courses taught or developed or research conducted
  • Publications authored: Books, textbooks, peer-reviewed articles, and gray literature
    publications such as reports, policy papers, conference publications, etc.
  • Speaking Engagements: Conferences presentations, invited speaking engagements, etc.
  • Funded Grant Proposal(s): Description of proposal, dates, and source of grant
  • Media Experiences: Interviews, mentions, etc. and type of media outlet
  • Independently Published Expert-related Attributions (addressing distinct cases or events; not
    the same case or event): Date(s) and source(s), e.g., journalistic and professional blogs,
    magazines, newspapers, other periodicals, etc.
  • Professional Memberships or Affiliations: List of professional affiliations and roles
  • Additional Experience Related to Subject Matter Area(s)
    Items that are minimum requirements for consideration are listed below, followed by criteria that
    are desirable, preferred, and/or informative that should also be highlighted in the CV or resume:

Minimum Requirements:

  • Demonstrated professional and/or academic experience in the subject matter policy expertise
    area(s) being sought including teaching, publications, presentations and/or successful grant
  • Minimum of 12 consecutive months of experience in area(s) of expertise
  • Demonstrated experience with media and/or expert-related attributions


  • Recognition as a SME qualified testify during legal or other proceedings
  • Expertise-related oral statements or testimonies before a federal, state, local, tribal governing
  • Formal experience as a policy analyst or practitioner in the expertise-related area
  • Trainer position(s) held, location, and expertise-related subject matter delivered
  • Member of a state or national accrediting body in the subject matter expertise area
  • Expertise-related knowledge-based licensures or knowledge-based specialty certifications held
    from a regulatory body
  • Completed substantive formal training in area of expertise (description, when, and where)
  • Expertise-related formal organizational awards (national, regional, state, tribal, local,
    international, academic, peer, professional, etc.)
  • Additional professional memberships and professional affiliations or recognitions

Upload CV/Resume below


This should be a maximum of 500 words that succinctly details your expertise in the areas selected
above. The biography must be included to be considered.

CJRA Subject Matter Expert Directory Review Process

All completed applications will be reviewed by the CJRA Expert Selection committee at the end of each
quarter (March, June, September, December). The Committee co-chairs will contact each applicant
directly post review to advise if the application has been accepted. The criteria listed above will be used
to determine the eligibility and outcome of the application.

Upon acceptance, Caitlin Kizielewicz, CJRA Media Consultant, will reach out to successful applicants with
a CJRA Expert Directory Information Form requesting the required information to be placed on the CJRA
website. Once the successful applicant provides the requested information, they will be added to the
CJRA website as a SME.

Updating CJRA Subject Matter Expert Information

SMEs may update individual information on the website and/or may ask to be removed from the
website at any time. To request one of these changes, the expert should send a detailed request to
Caitlin Kizielewicz at and indicate that you would like to have
your CJRA SME information updated and/or removed.