About CJRA

The NCJA Crime and Justice Research Alliance (CJRA) is a centralized resource featuring criminal justice researchers and experts from across the justice spectrum. Its goal is to provide policymakers, practitioners, journalists and the public with direct access to new and relevant research on crime and criminal justice issues.

CJRA is hosted by the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA)Based in Washington, D.C., the NCJA is a national voice in shaping and implementing criminal justice policy. As the representative of state, tribal and local criminal and juvenile justice practitioners, the NCJA works to promote a balanced approach to communities’ complex public safety, criminal and juvenile justice system problems and is dedicated to helping justice agencies develop and implement effective policies, practices and programs. Its members represent all facets of the criminal and juvenile justice community, from law enforcement, corrections, prosecution, defense, courts, victim-witness services and educational institutions to federal, state and local elected officials.

The NCJA Crime and Justice Research Alliance (CJRA) supports this mission by serving as a centralized research resource and building a community of trusted researchers and practitioners who leverage different expertise and experience to drive evidence-informed criminal justice policy and practice. The CJRA seeks to share the latest research and analysis from across the justice spectrum while developing impactful partnerships among various subject matter experts (SMEs) throughout the country. CJRA currently focuses on more than 20 different policy domains with an emphasis on reducing racial and ethnic disparities, promoting equity and community, and including justice-involved people to better inform knowledge-driven justice solutions.

Through its work CJRA promotes objective research across 23 policy areas. We encourage you to explore our site and read about the latest research.