Shaun Gabbidon

Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice, Penn State Harrisburg

Areas of Expertise

  • Race and crime
  • Ethnicity
  • Public opinion
  • Diversity issues
  • Private security
  • Security administration

Key Findings

  • The more that an individual viewed racial profiling as a discriminatory practice, the more they were likely to believe that it occurs at airports and the less likely they were to support the practice. MORE
  • The more likely an individual was to believe that racial profiling is accurate in identifying terrorists, the more likely they were to also believe racial profiling occurs in airports, and the more likely they were to support the practice. MORE
  • Foreign-born Black individuals were likely to have similar opinions to American-born Black individuals about bias in police officers but were less likely to believe the criminal justice system to be racist. MORE
  • Black immigrants were less likely to support affirmative action policies than American-born Blacks. MORE
  • Younger Black individuals were less likely to believe police officers as racially prejudiced. MORE
  • Blacks were more likely than Whites to believe that police did not treat Black individuals fairly. MORE
  • As the respondent’s age increased, they were less likely to believe that Blacks were treated unfairly. MORE
  • Respondents from the South were the most likely to believe that Blacks were not treated fairly. MORE


Shaun Gabbidon, Distinguished Professor of Criminal Justice at Penn State Harrisburg, is an expert in ethnicity, diversity issues and private security.

Gabbidon served as a fellow at Harvard University’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute for Afro-American Research and professor at Coppin State University and the University of Baltimore. He is a member of the American Criminology Society and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) as well as serves as the founding editor of Race and Justice: An International Journal. He has received numerous awards from organizations including the Western Society of Criminology and ACJS.

Gabbidon has published scholarly publications, articles and books including Race and Crime, Race, Ethnicity, Crime and Justice and African American Classics in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

He received his Ph.D., M.A. and B.A. in criminology at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.