Lynn Addington

Professor of Justice, Law & Criminology, American University

Areas of Expertise

  • Criminal victimization
  • Victimization of data
  • Violent victimization
  • Victim services

Key Findings

  • Almost half (48%) of elderly homicide victims were between the ages of 65-74. MORE
  • More than 43% of elderly homicide victims that were over 65 were female. MORE
  • Twenty-one percent of elderly victims were killed by a family member. MORE
  • Elderly victims of homicide were most likely to be killed in their homes. MORE
  • Homes in non-gated communities are burglarized significantly (33%) more than homes in gated communities. MORE
  • Communities located closer to the suburbs had a lower chance of being burglarized. MORE
  • As the number of individuals living in a house increased, the odds of the home being burglarized also increased. MORE


Lynn Addington, Professor of Justice, Law and Criminology at American University, is an expert in violent victimization, homicide, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, crime issues affecting older adult victims, and animal cruelty offenses.

Addington has consulted with the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice. Addington served as a visiting fellow with the Bureau of Justice Statistics and as the editor of Homicide Studies. In 2016, she received American University’s top award for faculty research. She is a member of the American Society of Criminology (ASC) and has served on the ASC executive board as an Executive Counselor.

She has been published in over 25 different journals, including the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Justice Quarterly, and Trauma, Violence and Abuse.

Addington earned her PhD and M.A. in criminal justice from the University at Albany (SUNY), her J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and her B.S. in journalism from Northwestern University.