John L. Worrall

Professor of Criminology, University of Texas at Dallas

Areas of Expertise

  • Policing and courts
  • Legal issues
  • Crime control policy
  • Prosecution
  • Courts
  • Panel data modeling

Key Findings

  • There may be a reduction in the incidence of civil rights litigation after a law enforcement agency participates in the consent decree process with the DOJ. MORE
  • The protective effects of the consent decree process may not last in the long-term. MORE
  • There may be a benefit to law enforcement agencies if they participate in the DOJ’s police reform process. MORE


John Worrall, Professor of Criminology at The University of Texas at Dallas, is an expert in policing, courts and crime control policy.

Worrall served as a professor at California State University, San Bernardino. He received honors and awards from California State University, San Bernardino and currently serves as a member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the American Society of Criminology. He also currently serves as editor of the Journal Police Quarterly.

Worrall has published articles and book chapters on a wide range of topics as well as authored or coauthored several books, including Crime Control in America: What Works? and Criminal Procedure: From First Contact to Appeal.

He received his Ph.D. in political science and M.A. in criminal justice from Washington State University. He received his B.A. in law and justice psychology from Central Washington University.