Mary Stohr

Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology, Washington State University

Areas of Expertise

  • Institutional corrections
  • Criminal justice management
  • Criminal justice organizations
  • Inmate needs and assessments
  • Program evaluation
  • Green criminology
  • Gender
  • Victimization

Key Findings

  • Social support is an important factor in reducing prison violence, enhancing pro-social behavior and potentially reducing recidivism. MORE
  • Higher levels of social support are helpful in creating a safer prison environment for both inmates and corrections officers. MORE
  • Since 1992, the total numbers of legally subscribed tasks of adult probation officers in 42 states have increased. MORE
  • The increased roles of probation officers and the duties that they must perform have changed as correctional ideology has shifted over the past two decades. MORE


Mary Stohr, Professor at Washington State University and the Executive Director of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, is an expert institutional corrections, inmate needs and program evaluation.

Mary Stohr is a professor at Washington State University and the executive director of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Stohr served as a professor at Missouri State, New Mexico State University and Boise State University, where she served a term as chair. She worked in an adult male prison in Washington as a correctional officer and as a correctional counselor. She served as the executive director and treasurer of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). Stohr was a founding member of the Corrections Section and the Minorities and Women’s Section of ACJS and received the Academy’s founder’s award.

Stohr has published academic works and articles as well as co-authored books including Corrections: The Essentials, Criminal Justice Management: Theory and Practice in Justice Centered Organizations and The American prison: Imagining a different future.

She received her Ph.D. in political science, M.A. in criminal justice and B.A. in criminal justice and political science from Washington State University.