Deterrence, Sanctions and Crime Prevention

  1. Crime Prevention
  2. Criminal Justice Reform
  3. Gun Violence
  4. Policing

Key Findings

  • Some positive deterrence strategies include using the community, lessening strict sentencing laws and focusing on group crime, not individual crime.
  • According to Kennedy, the deterrence strategies in practice are not working well and need to be re-evaluated.


In the book, “Deterrence and Crime Prevention: Reconsidering the Prospect of Sanction,” Kennedy takes a close look into deterrence in the criminal justice system. Deterrence is preventive forces that keep individuals from committing crime. It can take the form of police patrol or stiff prison sentences, which is the most common technique. According to Kennedy, these tactics are not working very well. By using case studies through literature and real-world situations, Kennedy attempts to reframe how we think about deterrence strategies and crime.

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