Delinquent Girls: Differences in Crime and Reform

  1. Crime Prevention
  2. Gender and Crime
  3. Juvenile Justice
  4. Prisoner Reentry

Key Findings

  • The number of girls being arrested for assault and violent crimes increased in 2009, and proper systems to deal with the trend were not available.
  • Gender-specific programming could help at-risk and delinquent girls.
  • Girls in state facilities identified grief counseling and sexual abuse counseling as helpful.
  • Girls in state facilities felt probation officers did not care about them and that they were not all treated fairly when compared to other girls and the boys.
  • Most girls wanted to have a voice in their proceedings.


In, “What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Need: Findings from a Gender-Specific Focus Group Study,” Lane looks at the change in delinquent girl arrests from status offenses and property crimes to increases in assault and violent crimes. Lodi surveyed girls in shelters and in state-run facilities to find out what the girls thought they needed to get back on their feet. Girls brought up the case for gender-specific programming to work help at-risk and delinquent girls. The study reports on findings from a focus group with at-risk and delinquent girls on what they want, determines whether the girls’ needs are in line with system offerings and provides recommendations to improve care the girls receive.

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