Olugbenga Ajilore

Associate Professor of Economics, University of Toledo

Areas of Expertise

  • Policing outcomes
  • Police militarization
  • Peer effects
  • Adolescent behavior
  • Public finance
  • Use of force


Olugbenga Ajilore, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Toledo, is an expert on the impact of ethnic diversity in policing outcomes, race, police militarization, and the use of lethal and non-lethal force.

Ajilore has been a visiting fellow at the Urban Institute in the Justice Policy Center where he focused on the effects of police militarization of local communities. Ajilore received funding from the Spencer foundation to study peer effects from social networks in adolescent behavior and engagement on topics such as obesity and risky sexual behaviors. He has been funded by the Charles Koch Foundation to analyze the rise of police militarization and its effects on the use of force. Ajilore currently serves as president (2018) of the National Economics Association.

His research has been published in numerous publications such as Economics Bulletin, the Atlantic Economic Journal, and the Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy. Ajilore’s work has also been featured in books, such as the Oxford handbook of Economics of Poverty.

Ajilore received his Ph.D. in Economics from Claremont Graduate University and his A.B. in Applied Mathematics and Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.