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CJRA Newsletter – March 2017

March 31, 2017

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What impact will Trump’s opioid commission have?

March 30, 2017

Yahoo News “The new strategy must reduce the barriers to treatment and also provide for a path to deal with the stigma of having a drug addiction problem,” Faye Taxman, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.

Partner violence among LGBTQs presents unique challenges

March 29, 2017

Windy City Times “The prevalence rate for physical IPV among bisexual women and men is upwards of 60 percent and 37 percent, respectively, while trans* people reported up to 46 percent,” Adam Messinger, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.  

Prison inmates might be getting free tablets for some reason

March 29, 2017

New York Post “People will come out more able to navigate the contemporary world which involves connectivity all the time,” Todd Clear, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.

True Crime Criminologists urge Trump administration not to cut science from crime policy

March 23, 2017

Washington Post “What we’re trying to do is institutionalize a scientific ethos in the Justice Department, which traditionally has been run, reasonably enough, by a lawyers’ culture. The NIJ and the Bureau of Justice Statistics are very very important agencies and we want to make sure they remain scientific agencies, not politicized,” Rick Rosenfeld, CJRA […]

Why every Indiana inmate could soon have a tablet

March 20, 2017

USA Today “If we don’t allow offenders to have real-world access to education, to programming, to electronic devices — then we’ve become part of the problem,” Todd Clear, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.

Resources offer humor, solidarity, advice and more

March 17, 2017

Washington Blade “Key findings and theories weaving together the voices of those touched by (LGBT intimate partner violence) with broader patterns through survey research” and identifying “notable gaps in the literature and important avenues for future research,” Adam Messinger, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.

ICE data shows split in the fate of Prince William’s undocumented jail detainees

March 17, 2017

InsideNova “It’s not to say you won’t find some serious, hardcore criminals in these programs, but the vast majority of what’s happening in these programs are people who have committed relatively minor offenses being targeted,” Charis Kubrin, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.

Citrus Heights police: Too quick to shoot?

March 12, 2017

Sacramento Bee “Nix cautioned against “drawing conclusions” from the data, but he said it “is certainly something to raise an eyebrow … I would certainly want to take a closer look” Justin Nix, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.

When Big Data Gets It Wrong

March 1, 2017

Government Technology “When you predict the future based on the past, you are guiding future law enforcement to go to the same places and take the same actions. You perpetuate the existing bias in terms of where and how police take action,” Nancy La Vigne, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.

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