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CJRA Newsletter – February 2018

February 28, 2018

Read the February 2018 newsletter here.

Indiana’s ‘red flag’ gun law is getting national attention. But does it work?

February 22, 2018

The Indianapolis Star 2/22/18 “Research — and federal funding for such research — is lacking”- April Zeoli, CJRA Expert. Read the full story here.

Ray Shetler Jr.’s acquittal in cop killing a rarity in Pennsylvania

February 21, 2018

TribLIVE 2/21/18 This circumstance is extremely rare. This is not a normal situation. The public has become more questioning of police behavior in terms of using deadly force.” – Delores Jones-Brown, CJRA Expert. Read the full story here.

Disband the Baltimore Police Department? After corruption trial, Maryland official proposes it

February 14, 2018

Baltimore Sun 2/14/18 “You have to follow up and make sure you hire the right people, supervise them correctly and discipline them properly,”- Maria Haberfeld CJRA Expert. Read the full story here.

Why the suspect in Edwin Jackson’s death wasn’t deported a year ago

February 11, 2018

Indy Star 2/11/18 “We live in a system where unfortunately there’s human error . . . [a]nd it doesn’t happen to just immigrants.”- Alex Piquero, CJRA Expert. Read the full story here.

CJRA Newsletter – January 2018

January 31, 2018

Read the January 2018 newsletter here.

Over the Limit: Alcohol is a factor in many violent crimes

January 29, 2018

The Sentinel 1/29/18 “Generally, a little bit of alcohol doesn’t affect our behavior all that much. It might affect our driving a little bit, but really it affects our behavior in respects to our judgment, our ability to control our impulses and a whole range or things that potentially increase your risk for being involved […]

Experts discuss officer’s use of force in ‘swatting’ video

January 12, 2018

KWCH 1/12/18 “It appears that all the police officers had taken cover and there are no civilians on the street. So there would not have been a necessity to fire his weapon at the time that he fired.” – Delores Jones-Brown, CJRA Expert. Read the full story here.

Did officer act reasonably when he shot swatting victim is a key legal question

January 8, 2018

Kansas Star 1/08/18 “It does appear to show one of the arms of the target swing downward.” – Delores Jones-Brown, CJRA Expert Read the full story here.

Fearful of deportation, unauthorized immigrants in Salt Lake City are not reporting crime, police chief says

January 8, 2018

Salt Lake Tribune 1/08/18 “Municipalities that adopt sanctuary policies for undocumented immigrants do not have higher rates of robbery and homicide than those that cooperate more fully with federal immigration officials.” – Ricardo Martinez, CJRA Expert. Read the full story here.

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